Monday, October 29, 2012

October Crafty Challenge

Hello everyone!! It's time for another crafty challenge over on the Two Scrapbook Friends Forum. Since it's October I wanted to be a little bit creative with my challenge for you guys. I find I am not a huge fan of scrapbooking Halloween pictures because they are always so dark and its not really my favourite holiday. My challenge for you ladies is to use a Halloween themed line but create a layout without a Halloween theme. It took me quite a while to create the layout I made because I had to find the right paper to work with the photo I wanted to use. Below is the layout that I created based on my challenge.

For my title I used DIY Thickers from American Crafts. The DIY Thickers come plain with a sticker on the front and back and you are able to create your own letter. On this layout put black and orange glitter on the letters to create a different look.

For my journaling I used the Kraft Core paper and my Dymo Labeler to emboss the cardstock and then sanded my paper to show the core colour through. I thought by doing this is would do well with the "rough" theme I was going for.

My favourite aspect of my layout is the accordion folded strip of paper along the middle of my layout. I also used the Kraft Core cardstock and sanded the top of the paper to have the core colour show through. To finish off the accordion strip I added a little bit of pattern paper and a couple brads.

This weeks crafty challenge is a little bit different and more challenging then the previous ones I have come up with but I had alot of fun creating my layout. I would love to see all of the creations that you ladies come up with. Use you creativity and put your thinking caps on to see how you can stretch your imagination. Be sure to upload your creations to the Two Scrapbook Friends Forum and Layout Gallery.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sketchy Challenge

Alright everybody it's time for another sketchy challenge over at the Two Scrapbook Friends Forum.  This week I created the sketch below. 

With the sketch above I created the layout below using the "I'm Awesome" line from Simple Stories. I love the balance that I created between both sides of my layout and the different details that I added.

I cut out some stars from one of the pattern papers that went with the line I used.

Created my title from the element stickers from the line as well

And last but not least I created a banner by cutting pieces out of one of the pattern papers I had in my stash!

I would love to see all of your creations based on my sketch above. Just make sure you upload them to the Two Scrapbook Friends Forum and I will be sure to check them out! Thanks for stopping by

Thursday, October 11, 2012


What is cancer? Why does it exist? Why do some people get it and some don't? Why do some people get it and survive and some don't? Why cant they find a cure for such a horrible thing?  These are all questions i'm sure alot of people wonder... and lately they are things I am wondering.

This picture is of two very important people in my life. My Gmama and my Gpa!  They were there the day I was born and have watched me grow into the person I am today. I have so much fun spending time with my Grandparents unlike most Grandchildren. I consider my Gmama and Gpa to be "hip" Grandparents. They are up with all the newest technology (well try to), and try to sound interested in the things that interest us as individuals.  I have to admit I got pretty lucky with both sets of Grandparents that I have.

A little while ago I did a small post about how my Gpa wasn't feeling the best. My Gpa has been recently diagnosed with cancer and is now in his battle to fight of this horrible disease. He has been in the hospital for about a week and a half now and I have been there every single day to keep him company. No matter what time of the day I always make sure I show up at least once a day. I have always considered myself to be fairly close with my Grandparents but I have found that I have become even closer to them since we have started this battle. 

I have talked individually with both my Gmama and Gpa about what the situation is and what to expect in the future. My Gpa has expressed his concerns and what he is feeling as well as my Gmama. As a family we have talked about the ups and downs that we are all going to experience and that talking about it is going to help everyone out. 

From going up to the hospital every day the hospital is starting to feel like a second home to me and my family. I am really getting to know a different side of my Grandpa that I never really noticed before of took for granted I guess. My Gpa has an amazing sense of humor. No matter if he is feeling upset, or down he is always ready to make you laugh. He cracks the funniest jokes while we are taking in the hospital you cant help but laugh. His smile makes you realize that hes alright even though you know hes not feeling 100% and last but not least the advice that man gives out is amazing! He really makes your realize all of the options you have in life.

My  Grandpa has been extremely strong in the battle so far but my Gmama is someone who needs some recognition as well. She has been holding everything together perfectly. She comes into that hospital every single day with a smile on ready to bring on the days ups and downs. With going through what we are I am realizing how much my mom is like my Grandma.  They have the same drive to get things finished. When my Grandma has something on her mind its going to get done and she isn't going to stop until its finished. I really look up to my Grandma in this situation because someone who is so close to my Grandpa is holding it together so well. Grandma I love you and I am here for you always!

We have a long road ahead of us as an entire family to stand by my Gmama's and Gpa's side and help them fight this cancer and make it out alright. Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers to help us fight. 

If my family is reading this we can get through this. Gpa your doing awesome! Keep fighting! Just keep in mind the picture above. This is something we can push through as a family.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Welcome to the Autumn Colours Blog Hop with Two Scrapbook Friends!  You should have arrived here from Jan's blog.

For the blog hop I created two awesome layouts. The layout below is called "Hello Fall"

I used some stickers from the element sheet to do some of my "journaling"

I created this entire layout using a 6x6 paper pad so the title was cut out of one of the papers inside of the pack.

The second layout that I created is called "Love Fall"

I saw a layout on Pinterest using the same sort of layout of the squares and couldn't resist in trying it for a layout.  Again I added some stickers from the element sheet.

And of course to finish it all off I had to do some stitching.

My secret word is torches

Don't forget - in order to be entered to win a prize:
1. Leave a comment on all the blogs as you go and then go back to the Two Scrapbook Friends blog and leave a final comment there by October 8th at midnight..
2. To have a second chance to win, keep track of the HIGHLIGHTED WORDS from each blog and email the phrase to Put "Blog Contest" in your subject line.
3. Check back at the Two Scrapbook Friends blog on October 10th to see if you are the winner. (Winners will not be contacted personally.)

Be sure to stop by each on the following blogs, leave a comment and keep track of the secret word!