Friday, January 18, 2013

Oh My Word!

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My word for 2013 is independence. Independence has always been something I seemed to struggle with. I am a mommas girl for anyone who doesn't already know. My family is really important to me so being apart from them is really hard for me. This October I moved away from home and moved to Elora. For those of you who know me and my personality this was very hard for me.At first I was coming home alot when Matt would leave for work for the week and come back on the weekends when he would come home. But when this challenge was given to us to pick a word and I picked independence I started to think and I have now been staying at my home in Elora alone and coming home less.

This is what I created:

I love the colours of the paper that I used because I thought it reflected my personality.  The key on my layout was very important to the entire purpose of the layout. The key reflects how I started to become independent with moving out.

I added some pendents with some buttons to the side of my layout to add a little more colour.

I cut out a circle and created my title around the circle. I thought it turned out really well.

Last but not least I added some butterflies. I seem to have a slight obsession with them lately.

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Independence is really a big word! It is a big step when one leaves home... You have stepped forward and see what it is like. It can be fun or hard! Your layout, I love it! The colours are FAB! Love the neat work on it!

Ann Jobes

This is so pretty, Amanda. Independence is a pretty important word, and I hope you enjoy exploring your independence this year! Hugs.


I absolutely adore this layout! The colours are lovely and that photo is too cute.


Hi Amanda...Notice I didn't call you Mandy? It's only because I love you! Let me be the first to comment on your OMW layout you designed. But before I do I must say that I would have never guessed you to be a Momma's girl. (Just kidding, of course.) I love all the little details to your layout and the different paper you worked with. I like your style! You've already made some steps towards your independence...feel good about that. Hope to see you soon. Mary

Kelly Codd Greatrex

Cute layout Amanda! And an absolutely perfect word for you. You are on your way girl :)


Love the butterflies and stitching, and they represent your word well - flying free on their own.


Great layout Amanda! I like how you included the key on your page and the butterflies seem to represent 'freedom' or independence! Well done :)
Joanne xo


You've come a long way, baby!!


I love the use of the butterflies to emphasize your independence. Butterflies signify great change which you,clearly are doing beautifully.


Your butterflies signify your great change towards independence. Great layout


Love the butterflies to signify your change to independence. Love it


Good for you girl, I love your word! A beautiful page to match, some gorgeous elements on there.

Antoinette Dias

An amazing layout that truly does encompass the word "independence". Love it!! Just spread those wings and fly!


LOve that you took a photo of that cute little dinosaur key chain. I think it's wonderful that you chose this word as I know it will be a challenge but one you will no doubt rise to. WAY TO GO! and awesome layout too ;)


Love the colors. Great kob

Lynn Le5

Awesome layout! Love the butterflies and the stitching! Beautiful :)

Emily Berg

Wishing you all the best with your independence! I love the use of the key and the butterflies.

Emily Berg

Wishing you all the best with your Independence! I love the use of the key and the butterflies.


Love the colours that you chose Amanda. Love the idea of the key to illustrate your word of the year. And I love butterflies too :-)


Lots of things on this page that I love. I love the pennants and buttons, the stitching and the placement of Perfect Together. Great job!

Lori S.

Amanda, love your word choice! I'm impressed with how you've spread your wings this year so "independence" is perfect! Your layout is beautiful ... love all your trademark stitching :)


This layout represents your word beautifully!! Gorgeous layout!!

Marianne Barkman

Great LO! i remember when i first moved from home...but now i'm back! Thanks for sharing, and for being a part of this hop. i am a new follower


love your style amanda

Sue Eby

Amanda, love your work it is so pretty and fresh. Good luck with your new adventure at being independent. Stretch your wings and just fly like that butterfly, you're going to do great! I believe in you, hun!


Love your layout...wonderful colours choices and I just knew you would have cute with the photo and butterflies trails.

JoAnn Heinbuch

Love this Amanda !
Great word too!

jana white

your layout is gorgeous - love it!


Wishing you luck with your word in 2013....sometimes independence is hard for all of us! Love the colors and layering in your layout!

Carol I.

Amanda, beautiful layout. My daughter is much like you, and we are very close. She lives in London, so we only get to see each other about once a month, but we talk on the phone practically every day. Congrats on finding the man of your dreams (I read on to your next blog entry) are very lucky, and will be lucky in love!

Andrea V

I love the sweetness of this layout, and the courage behind your word.

Andrea :)

Carolyn Wolff

I am super proud of all you have accomplished so far in your quest for independence. You just needed a gentle push and you were off. I am sure this year will bring you even more confidence and you will gain even more independence. Love you :)


So hard to be a Momma's girl and leave the nest (I was one too!!!) You have chosen a great word for you and your layout is gorgeous! I especially love the butterflies and the stitching. Here's to independence--and knowing that Mom is not far away!!!! :)

Joanne Johnstone

Hi Amanda! This is a beautiful layout! I love the colours and your embellies! What a beautiful way to capture such an imporant moment in your life!


Such a great layout to represent your life's changes Amanda. I love seeing your blog come to life with these posts. I look forward to seeing more this year!