Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A little reminder

Well it has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog but I am going to try to keep up with it a little bit more now. Lately I have found I have been reflecting a lot about life choices I have made, choices that are coming ahead, and battles I have been putting up with for a while.

I am the type of person who usually jumps to a negative thought because I feel like I deal with enough on a daily basis most of the time. Then that little voice in my head beats me down about how worse off other people are and that I really do have it all made for me. My family is amazing and supportive, my friends are always there to listen if I need to talk, and Kevin is constantly here making me smile and helping me with anything that I need.

I was having a crappy day and just wishing that something would happen to make it better. I went onto my timehop app on my phone tonight and this photo popped up and instantly I had a smile on my face. A lot of you will think its just a tree with a marker on it.  What possibly could be the significance in this? Well this marker isn't just a white spot on a tree. My family knows exactly who it is/what it is a reminder of.

To people who haven't lost anyone close you might not understand this.  This mark is my Grandpa to me when I walk through the trails. This mark is a reminder of his smile, laugh and gentle touch. This mark is a reminder of the amazing moments that we got to spend with him and all the amazing things he did when he was here. This mark is a reminder that he is always around us.

Seeing this photo tonight lifted my mood instantly. Grandpa is here and hes watching and hes taking care of me and all the things that are going on in life right now. I always knew he watching but sometimes you just need a little reminder.

Grandpa you have done it again. You have made your princess smile another time. As my dad always says its not goodbye its i'll see you later. There will be something else that you do that puts a smile on my face and remember all of these moments again.

Thanks for stopping by!!