Thursday, July 26, 2012

Its that time of the year again!!

Well, its that time of year again! Cottage time!! Every year my family rents a cottage in July and we all spend a week together. All three kids get to invite a friend and we have a blast!! We have rented a couple times but we really liked this one cottage we went to a couple times and we are going back this year.

Usually by now my family has been out ripping around on the boat tubing, wake boarding and knee-boarding but with all of us working now and some technical problems with the boat the week at the cottage is the first time we will all be going out.  I cant believe we are going into the last week of July already! The summer is flying by!

When we get to the cottage is is usually very hectic for the first couple hours.  We are usually all on everyone's nerves and just want to get everything unpacked and onto the water. This year my partner in crime isn't able to make it to the cottage because her brothers girlfriend is having a baby this weekend so she is staying home to welcome the baby. I am going to miss my tubing and fishing buddy but i'm sure I will be fine.

When we are at the cottage we spend all day out on the water! We travel through some of the locks that are on the lake we are on and go to all these really neat places. In the morning we are fishing off the dock, taking our morning dip and lather, swimming across the lake, taking a canoe ride, or reading on the dock.

My dad has recently taken a liking to fishing so I am hoping this year I am able to go out fishing with him a couple times since him and I don't get to spend much time together.

I am defiantly looking forward to spending a week with my family. Like I said before, we all have a really busy life now because we are all working so spending a week together helps us all catch up again. We all have a lot of laughs because we all get along so well together.

I am hoping to get a lot of reading done while I'm at the cottage this week on my Kobo because Carly isn't coming. There will be a lot of sitting down on the dock relaxing and hopefully getting a little bit of a tan.

I will be sure to take a lot of photos while I am away and will be updating my blog when I come back i'm sure! Tomorrow I get to pack and organize things and then away we go!