Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My New Obsession!!!

Alright everyone I have a confession to make. I have a new obsession! I am glued to my computer screen on Pinterest all the time now! I used to go on the odd time to see what all the uproar was for but I am now hooked!

This picture describe me perfectly right now! Things I was never really thinking about all of a sudden are running my life. All I can think about is trying the new recipe I saw online, planning my wedding (and i'm not even with a guy), what my home is going to look like in the future, and all these new techniques to try on my hair.

I also have stumbled across a couple of my favourite men in the world! So I had to pin those as well!

Aren't they just unreal?

While pinning away I stumbled across destinations! Well I spent probably an hour pinning and reading about all the latest and greatest places to travel around the world. I have decided sometime I would like to go somewhere tropical! I have only been to California so traveling somewhere different would be really neat! But I guess I would have to get on a plane first...

Yesterday I found myself planning my own wedding over Pinterest. I came home from work last night and my mom asked if I was planning on getting married anytime soon because of all the pinning I did about my wedding! I was looking at rings, wedding dresses, picture ideas, invitations, you name it I probably pinned it.

I absolutely love this ring! Not that I would get anything like this in the future but I can always dream right?

I also stumbled across my favourite flower while pinning about my wedding. Lillie's.. I LOVE the smell of them! They are going to be a must have at my wedding!

I pinned probably about twenty dresses but this one was one of my favourite. I just loved how flowy it was. Im not a girl who needs anything super big and crazy! This to me is perfect!

Last but not least I stumbled across this colour pallet and loved it! I have been on a purple obsession the past little while and i love these colours together. Purple and Grey are an awesome mix!!

Anyways, i'm off to go and pin a billion more things! Thanks for stopping by!  Come back Friday to see my challenge over at Two Scrapbook Friends



It doesn't cost money to dream.So dream until your heart is content.

Two Scrapbook Friends

I am also hooked on Pinterest. I love seeing what you pin. Welcome to the world of lost hours you will never get back.