Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Alright, so tonight I tried something very different I guess you could say! When you think of an egg you would like of food... correct? Well tonight I put eggs into my hair. My mom had pinned something on Pinterest about helping your hair grow and etc and I kind of joked about it with her when she posted it because I knew she would never try it. I have been told a billion times by my hair dresser to try "natural" ways to help your hair stay healthy etc but never wanted to take the time to try them or thought they would ever actually do anything.

Well I can now say that one of them works. I went onto my moms board on Pinterest and got the concoction mix that I was supposed to make that consists of 2 egg yolks, 2 Tbsp of olive oil and a cup of water. Next time I would probably do 3 eggs and an extra tbsp of oil and a little more water because I had a little too much hair. When I was mixing up the stuff I kept thinking to myself that this was a dumb idea and I'm probably just going to make a mess and it wont do anything to help fix my hair. But I was bored and it was going to give me something to do.

I brought my mix upstairs into the bathroom and leaned over the tub and started pouring the mixture over my hair thinking to myself that this was disgusting and that there was no way this was going to come out of my hair. After I poured it all over my hair and the bottom of my tub was now yellow with egg yolk I cleaned up and wrapped my hair up for the mix to "set" in my hair. I went downstairs to continue on with whatever I was going and took the towel off and noticed that I had all these white piece all over my towel. I was creating scrambled eggs while my mix was setting on my hair. As soon as I found that out I think I texted everyone I knew and got made fun of along the way.

After the hour was up I went back upstairs and started to wash the eggs out of my hair. I have to admit the smell wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was watching the little scrambled eggs rinse down the drain and the entire time I was wondering if this was going to work. After I cleaned up my mess I went to do my hair and my gosh the mix worked!! My hair has never felt so soft in  my life! Its bouncy and looks amazing! I honestly would do this every week like it says to do and see if this is actually going to keep my hair healthy and help it grow!

For anyone who is bored and wanted to try something you probably usually wouldn't I would give it a try! It was defiantly worth my time!