Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Someone Special!

Hello everyone! I have been away at the cottage for the past couple days and haven't had a chance to post anything on my blog! We got a WiFi connection so I thought I should do a little blog post! Being away at the cottage I miss alot of things that are in my daily life! I miss my cats, my job believe it or not, my bed, and my best friend! Carly wasn't able to come up to the cottage for the entire week this year because her nephew was being born the day that we were leaving for the cottage.

I don't blame her for staying home to be home to welcome him into the big world. I will be doing a post about baby Jaxon shortly to show everyone the new addition to my life.  Anyways! Carly is going to be coming up to the cottage tomorrow morning early and I will get to spend the rest of the week with her! Carly is my partner in crime! We do everything together!  People wonder how we don't get sick of each other but I honestly don't know what I would do without Carly.

Carly and I have been through alot together!  She has been going through a rough patch the last little while and I am kind of her support system because I understand what she is going through! Sometimes I get frustrated with her because things just don't click in her head and then she gets upset but she is slowly starting to learn.

I worry about her alot because she always puts so much on her plate at one time and then tries to take on the world. Shes a strong girl but man she takes on alot! I am really excited to spend the last couple of days at the cottage with her. I have spent the first half of the week with my brothers and their friends and its getting to be a little too much!

Carly, I can't wait to see you tomorrow! Hope the drive goes smoothly and you make it here in good time! Remember keep your head high! You can make it through anything you put your mind too!


Carolyn Wolff

So glad you have a best friend. I don't know what I would do without mine either.